Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Im not sure if Elder Compain-Shaw sent an email update to his mum this week so until I find out, heres the email he sent to me.  

kia ora aunty :D how are you doing this week?
well, last week we got told that we can now email for two hours and we can also email friends and now we have texts haha its solid :)
sadly though, my camera broke, i've barely had it over a month but its legit broken, i spent that night taking it apart trying to fix it, but it was past bed time, so i'll probably try one more time but in the end i'll just have to buy a new one.. i've done something to the lens. like, its hit something and now it's jammed, so it wont turn on its stuck sticking out. . . but yeah.. i'll just have to wait for a bit :) anyway how has your week been?
the people here are still cold but my goal this week is to talk to alot more people, even if they dont talk back.
then next weekk that i'll tell you i either gained a little more confidence or otherwise :)
nothing too much has happened this week, the area i'm in is almost dead. i know that we as missionaries control that, but its really hard, someone is getting baptised on april 11 and after that our teaching pool is basically empty.. but we are getting sisters on april 10 so maybe the sisters can help the work here :) hopefully, man.. my mission has 18 sisters. the april ten intake has 16 sisters. and for the next few months after that every intake has either more, or equall sisters to elders. . . and i think in 3 months we will have triple as many sisters. . .about 60? and the elders are just still the same, so these sisters are really eager. . . anyway.. gotta go. love you all heaps.

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