Monday, March 11, 2013

First email

hows it going?

well this is my first monday out here and im staying in a place called loriston? my branch is in falkirk and my trainer is Elder Howie from canada.
its solid here, i got to go to the england mtc and meet everyone there, it was soo good.
and my mission is scotland and ALL of ireland. both northern and the republic, so haha to nana. jokes
nahh yeah its mean here, just chilling, doing missionary work, the people here arent exactly as friendly as they are back in nz but what would be the point if the work was easy right.

anyway, they are all small, i mean, there are a few normal sized people but for the most part, everyone in my branch is tiny, like even there kids, i met one 10 year old that decius would be close to haha, its crazy.. but no worries aye its alll good.
hope all is sweet on your end, gotta run. :)

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